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Melody J. Stewart for the Ohio Supreme Court, Jan. 2 term: endorsement editorial

Stewart, 56, a Democrat of color who has served on the local appellate court for almost 12 years, would be much more if elected: a change-maker on a high court that is entirely white and entirely Republican and that needs to intensify its oversight of those judges who fail to adhere to judicial canons, fail to act with respect to all those who come before them and sometimes even fail to show up on time.

"I would vehemently work to push some reforms to make the judicial system overall more effective, more efficient and more accountable," Stewart vowed in the endorsement interview.

...Stewart, her legal acumen attested to by her peers, would bring a different frame of reference to the Ohio Supreme Court in a state whose diversity is not reflected in that august body.Voters should elect Melody J. Stewart to the Ohio Supreme Court in the Jan. 2 term.

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