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Beacon Journal/ editorial board: Melody Stewart and Michael Donnelly for the Ohio Supreme Co

Voters will find two races for the Ohio Supreme Court on the Nov. 6 ballot. One involves filling the vacancy that Justice Terrence O’Donnell will create when he steps down at the end of the year. The other goes back to William O’Neill departing the high court in January...

We recommend the election of Melody Stewart on Nov. 6.

Stewart has spent the past 12 years as a judge on the 8th District Ohio Court of Appeals, which covers Cuyahoga County. She has won respect for the high quality of her work, especially for showing a timely and constructive brand of independence. What impresses, too, is the richness of her background and perspectives.

As a Democrat and an African-American, Stewart would add obvious diversity to an all-Republican and all-white court. More telling are her degree in music from the University of Cincinnati, her early experience in health care management, her doctorate in applied social science, time as a law professor and practicing law.

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